StrongWeb! works with various range of clients, and offer visual and communication services like identities, branding, web appearance and advertising over a vast range of media – both print and digital.


StrongWeb! is founded in 2007, and have received national and international recognition for their work.


To see some examples from variety of our works, visit these links:

European Association of Judges and Prosecutors - MEDEL / 2016, 2013

"Sarajevski", Wine and Dine / 2016

Center for Gestalt Therapy and Education / 2015

Starinarnica - Fine Art and Antique Store / 2015, 2007

Prosecutors association of Serbia - UTS / 2014, 2008

LaSoy & LaCha Natural Cosmetics and Tea - LaSoy / 2011

International Prosecutors Association Conference - IAP / 2010

During the years, StrongWeb! has developed and managed web presentations and visual communication of our respected clients: TERRA World, Democratic Party, Audit Bureaux of Circulations ABC Serbia, CorD Magazine, Consulting and Marketing Agency - CMA, Alliance International Media - AIM, Expat, etc.

More samples of our work are available on request, please email us.